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Industrial Cleaning Services

As a professional industrial cleaning company, keeping your space clean and efficient is our priority as much as it is yours. Keeping your workplace in top shape is essential for the efficiency of your operations and maintaining injury risk at a minimum. Matienzo Carpet Cleaning LLC is among the top-rated industrial cleaning companies because we put our clients’ needs first. We are flexible to your schedule, and our carefully selected staff is highly trained and capable of adhering to all necessary safety precautions.

Call (323) 944-7699 today if you are looking for industrial or factory cleaning services. Our helpful representatives will help you set up your initial consultation.

Specialized Cleaning Services for Industrial Facilities

When we say we are a specialist industrial cleaning company, it means we have years of experience and worked in almost every type of industrial facility imaginable. Depending on your industry, you could be working with dangerous equipment. Luckily, our team is highly adaptable to your needs and will always clean safely and efficiently. If we don’t already have experience cleaning a space, we are all fast learners and understand what it takes to follow safety precautions properly.

Get in touch with Matienzo Carpet Cleaning LLC today if you need a professional team to keep your space clean.

The Necessary Training and Equipment to Keep Your Facility Clean

We always come prepared. After we have gone through the initial consultation and inspection, we will know exactly what will be necessary for cleaning your facility. We have access to all the necessary cleaning equipment and PPE required to carry out the job safely and effectively.

Every member of our team possesses a high level of training as well. We stay up to date on industry standard safety regulations and practices, and we brush up on our certifications whenever necessary.

If you need a professional team of cleaners suited to your facility’s specific needs, contact our team today.

Enhance Efficiency with Professional Industrial Cleaning

When your facility is cleaner, you can work harder and safer. We are experts at cleaning effectively and efficiently all of your surfaces, machinery, lounge and kitchen areas, and everything else you need to be cleaned. To provide our clients with the cleaning service they need most, we specialize in:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Floor stripping and waxing
  • Spills clean up
  • Stain removal
  • Ceiling cleaning
  • Janitorial

Anything you need to be cleaned in your industrial facility or factory, Matienzo Carpet Cleaning LLC is the team to call.

Matienzo Carpet Cleaning LLC: The Local Industrial Cleaning Go-To

Our sterling local reputation is built on the satisfaction of our previous clients. If you take us on for your cleaning necessities, we will do everything we can to keep your work environment as clean and functional as possible. We always bring a positive, problem-solving attitude to work, and providing you the service you need is our number one priority.

Call Matienzo Carpet Cleaning LLC today at (323) 944-7699 if you need to speak with an industrial cleaner who understands your needs. We look forward to serving you.

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